Magnets Printing

The proven technique to market your brand is to focus more on those strategies that bring tremendous value with exceptionally less cost. Magnet printing is one among those. It is a powerful tactic to display your brand, service and product right in front of your target audience without worrying about space. Magnets can be strategically pasted / deployed on cars, refrigerators, electronic devices, filing cabinets, and more. At, we offer three different sizes including business card (1.9-3.3 inches), postcard (3.4-5.5 inches), and square card (2.5 inches). Our 14 and 16 point magnetic paper has the power to deploy your message with extraordinary beauty and returns on a variety of places. You can add an incredible shine with a UV coating to dazzle emotions of your audience, in addition to their eyes.
Magnet printing increases your brand awareness and impact across a wide range of interesting and versatile media. From cars to cabinets and from fridge to your personal musical instruments, magnet printing empowers you to draw maximum attention towards you. All you have to do is to include some relevant pieces of information and any crisp contact details for all those who could memorize it easily. Likewise, eye-soothing image, terrific color themes and lovely cut will let your magnet go beyond just a traditional calendar and leave an ever lasting impact.

To enjoy the true fantasy and impact of your magnet, just give us a call and have it at once!

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