Door Hangers

Door hangers are used for a variety of purposes but their role has always been confined to that of an information tag only but in this age of commercialization, their traditional role is changing and now they are being used as a media vehicle to convey messages that you wish to get across to your customers. Hotels use these hangers for hanging on the doors carrying the words” DO NOT DISTURB” but hotels can print their names and other information that they think must be conveyed to their guests so that they must remember the name of the hotel and would like to visit in future as well. Door hangers must be printed in a creative way so that they must get attracted otherwise these are not something that someone would like to pay heed to. You can consider different options in this regard such as using amazing color scheme that is eye catching and people will love to see it at close quarters. Digital printing of these hangers is an excellent option to create a good looking and catchy door hanger but of course you can also go for offset printing, both can do your job efficiently.

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